Gilan(Province), Astara, North of Iran


We had a hard time while we should have passed repeated days without holiday to take off; So suddenly when I was preparing to give my classes on 2.05.2012 a cold winter day in Tehran, Pooyan ( my husband) called me and said: ” I cannot endure more, I need a rest, let’s have a rest”; It was amazing, I should have gone to the Institute, my students are waiting for me… But he told me to cancel all of them for a week.

I did and Now I am so happy. It was joyful, fun and full of winter beauty in Iran. We went to Gilan province , Astara .

These are some photos of Estil Lake. However it could be more more beautiful in spring and summer.

Ducks of lake

After snowing

trees and shadows

Estil Lake


Pooyan and I

Snowball and we

Dried trees in the winter



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