I watched a movie about a women who loved cooking; So he started to cook according the recipes of Julia cook book. She said it was the book her mom cook based on many years.

Although, what I need to say now is not about cooking! a part of movie young women had a big fight with her husband and quite blogging about cooking for several days; Her mom called her and said: “Finish something for the first time entire your life”. It was enough to move her forward.

Now I look at myself and I think about what I have done, what I have begun and those are not done completely!

I always blame myself for the style of my following up! I am the most biggest reviewer; and even the most tough one. I never forgive myself in what is not done eventually. I may try to escape but not forgiving…

When I returned to blog again I felt I can do many stuff from the first however I don’t feel like that.


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