to admit doing something


I have to admit making a wide range of mistakes in my life. I am going to confess  in order to feel better.

In past making confession made me sad; Actually when I was more proud of myself. But after a while I figured out what I can achieve by confession. Honestly I feel lighter and pleased about myself.

Now listen to a list of mine:

1. I admit choosing wrong major at high school. It was stepping stones to begin completely false from the first. High school in my country is somehow the base of what students will attend in at university.

I do not mean to blame myself.

Confession number two would be my horrible way to manage my sadness and depression for years. I did not have any idea how to do that.

It is enough about my guilt and faults.


As you see I have used several sentences to express how to use “admit”.

Actually, it is a kind of verb which is followed by a gerund.

Admitting(gerund) and admitted(simple past) are other forms of the verb ” admit” which you might need it .

“make confession” is another form of verb “admit” with the same definition. If you prefer to use variable forms it is a good choice. In addition, “confession” is the abstract noun.

Let me know about your opinion or if there is any problem with the above-said.



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