Seal Team Six




Seal Team Six Movie

Last night, I watched the movie is named ” Seal Team Six”; It is a movie which is inspired by true events; this television film chronicling the compound raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 by U.S Navy Seals.


Seal Team Six

Seal Team Six

I enjoyed because it was a picture of killing one of the most dangerous terrorist on the earth and became disappointed too. I got disappointed because while I was watching I remembered the military war between Iraq and Iran. My home land was attacked by Iraqi army from September 1980 to August 1988. It happened in sort of situation that the Iranian military forces and capabilities were not as sufficient as Iraqis. It began while the Iranian soldiers were army, navy and most of them devoted volunteers who desired to defend; But the most disappointing part was when I compared American soldiers, all equipped and trained with bulletproof vest, smart helmet which records every single steps, so one one gets lost and etc against how Iranian soldiers tried to fight; with nothing, with the least possible equipment. It is easy to search on internet for couple of minutes to figure it out.


Iranian Soldiers in Iraq-Iran war

Teen soldier in Iraq-Iran war

Iranian Soldier in Iraq-Iran war

Iranian Soldiers in Iraq-Iran war

I remember hundreds of thousands teenagers, youth and old people who were sacrificed, lost or captured by Iraqi armies. There are huge number of families who have been waiting for their children yet to get back from war. There are many families who have just a temple with few found bones inside as their youth.

Beside, I feel anger inside and hate. I hate war, any kind of that. It does not make any change if these days several governments choose different names for that. Cyber conflict, Press ones… .



Amir Haj Amini

I hate you all who plan the wars and do not care about anything else. This is all leaders’ fault because they can do whatever they want by political dialogues. THEY ARE ABLE TO DO THAT. It does not matter if she or he is American, British, Iraqi, Iranian, Cuban, Russian or Chinese.

The Loss, fear and tear are for all when it occurs that is why I wish I had not happened to any nations.



Saturday lunch


I stuffed the fish by cooked mixtureIt was so long that I have not eaten an especial plate of fish; It is really especial because the way I mean is what people use to do in south of Iran, in Khuzestan.

Today I bought a bunch of fresh coriander, two Pargo fish ( It is called in Venezuela), Mint additionally I had some dried Fenugreek, onion and garlic. There was just a part missed “The Tamarind”. However my husband had told me that one of  his colleagues could have found it in a supermarket. So I asked the address and bought.

Pargo fish is called in Persian by locals in south something like ” Sorkhu”, which is meant “Reddish”  because the type of that you can find in south of Iran has red skin but today the fishmonger showed me three types and said that there are three kind of Pargo, therefore I decided to buy one of the new kinds that I have never tried.

I chopped all and mixed them, added some pepper, salt and curry


Oman, Musandam, Khasab # 2


I love Oman, because its beauty, isolation, and nature purity and intact. What I have seen in Khasab is sea with stony coral beaches and some parts sandy.

Our first camp night on the beach. There is no specific name for that beach on the map we camped on but it is few minutes away from Khasab city center by car. I post some photos of tomorrow morning two. ( 24.4.2010)

Gilan(Province), Astara, North of Iran


We had a hard time while we should have passed repeated days without holiday to take off; So suddenly when I was preparing to give my classes on 2.05.2012 a cold winter day in Tehran, Pooyan ( my husband) called me and said: ” I cannot endure more, I need a rest, let’s have a rest”; It was amazing, I should have gone to the Institute, my students are waiting for me… But he told me to cancel all of them for a week.

I did and Now I am so happy. It was joyful, fun and full of winter beauty in Iran. We went to Gilan province , Astara .

These are some photos of Estil Lake. However it could be more more beautiful in spring and summer.

Ducks of lake

After snowing

trees and shadows

Estil Lake


Pooyan and I

Snowball and we

Dried trees in the winter


Tropical rain


The rainy season has just started few days ago. Being in a rainy street, wet glass, looking at light while it is raining are those of joys I cannot experience them by nothing else.

Rain can do a lot with my soul. I am a person who was born and grown up in such a southern climate, like hot, dry and rest of that hot and humid with least amount of raining, So it is completely obvious why I adore every single drop of rain. ( I know I repeat the “rain”  too much 😉  )

I appreciate being in this type of climate.





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