Spring has just arrived and the national new


Spring has just arrived and the national new your in the hometown of mine stared. I prepared the traditional table by its permanent components. However I could not find two of them here.

I wish I could be there with my family.


Feel guilty


Today I did not go to Spanish class, because it is impossible to predict what is going on here. I am not going to work today because my master teacher decide to stay at home and what will happen.

Hogu Chavez died as long as a wide range of people believe that he had passed away December 10th, Government has announced his death yesterday evening and in a second atmosphere transformed totally.

All in all, I am at home; I tried to follow my Celta application process. I feel guilty because there is something wrong with me when I do not go to work. one of my colleague told me that I am a workaholic person.

Of course I am. as long as I have free time I feel harsh. I blame myself. I tell myself I should do something productive. something useful. something which develop my character and life.

I do not like to think about the roots and reasons. what I need to do now is concentrating on my projects.