sense of reading


As I decided to start reading, writing and painting( which has not been done yet) I read a book by Isabel Allende that is called island beneath the sea… It was really difficult literally.

In fact, it was really hard in different angels, such as : vocabulary and the size of book (pocket size) and reading super tiny words was a big deal to me. However I suppose it got difficult because I am not an English native speaker that is why I had such a hardships.

Then I reviewed some short stories by Iranian author. Mostafa Mastoor, Zoya Pirzad and I took a look at some of Kondra’s book of course the Persian translation.

By now I am at the end of the a novel by Herta Muller ( German author) again Persian translation and in the middle of first volume’ Fifty shades which has exploded recently.

I have not felt any progress of mine yet. But I am going to keep reading.


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