the worse part is a doubt to decide


the worse part is a doubt to decide about the language. I do not which of them is better to start with.  I like to write in Persian besides I try to not to forget about English writing.





Today is the 5th day that I try to post something new but I can not because there are something wrong with wordpress serve for sure!

So, shit! That’s why it’s so disappointing when there are ideas to express but there is not sheet to write on it.

Today started by a horrible stuck in elevator..


First business day in 2013


I have written few lines but this page closed suddenly. I do not know why!

Tomorrow is the first business day in 2013 and there two dimensions, first of all it is one the coordinator s msg which contained reminding about tomorrow. it means my boss is worried about her income. The most interesting part is the first class is mine tomorrow in 7 AM ! It is unbelievable that my turn is the first section when everyone even my half asleep students and the half awake coordinator are bored by my early morning classes In contrast I must be completely awake and energetic plus being happy! that is why the teaching is one of the most hard ones!

A clerk can start his or her day by check the emails answer some phone calls in a cold mood and nothing will happen. However a teacher can not be cruel and cold! because the students will run away and my pocket will be empty.

I hope the best one for myself because I know that no one reads this page.


As I decided to write I have forgotten everything, I knew it’s a big deal to write in a foreign language, even though it is a long time that I accustomed to English! Any way, if somebody reads mine please let me know about my mistakes to resolve them and improve myself.

In my opinion, there are two matters; first of all is writing! and be a writer which is based on have something to express; to see the world in an unique angle; when somebody have words to say by different factors.

Second issue is about using the accurate grammars and words; have appropriate language structure. So have both these skill as a foreigner -I mean other native language speaker, in the same time is a little bit hard. That is why I mentioned: ” it’s a big deal…”